Request Access

  • Access to RCS resources requires that you be a member of a project established by a UA Principal Investigator. Tenured or tenure track faculty, research faculty, and emeritus faculty are normally allowed to serve as a Principal Investigator. Other university employees including staff, research associates, or post-doctoral fellows may not serve as Principal Investigators unless granted an exception by their institute director or academic dean with the approval of the UAF Directory of Sponsored Programs.

    • I am a UA Principal Investigator

      Principal Investigators are responsible for the members, storage, and other resource use of a project, and if additional resources are needed that are not covered by RCS subsidized services, procurement will be routed through the PI.

      Prior to establishing a project the Principal Investigator should note any special data management needs such as any obligations on data security, how long data must be retained, and/or ITAR compliance and notify RCS during the project creation process.

      To establish a new project please fill out the project account application form.

    • I am UA affiliated

      If you need access as part of an existing project your PI must contact RCS to verify that they want to add you as a member of their project. You will also need to fill out a user account application form.

      If you are not joining an existing project you must identify a Principal Investigator willing to include you on their existing project or establish a new project with you as a member.

    • My colleague is a UA affiliate, but I am not

      You will need the following:

      • An RCS user account
      • A UA guest account, through which you will manage your login credentials

      If your UA colleague has a project account with us, you can request membership in it and be eligible for an RCS user account by filling out a user account application form.

      To obtain a UA guest account, coordinate with your UA colleague to fill out UAF OIT's account request form:


      • Complete the top section of the form, then sign the bottom
      • In the field labeled "Last 4 Digits of SSN", provide any four-digit number of your choice. You will need to remember this number when resetting your password.

      UA Sponsor:

      • In the "ACCESS REQUESTED BY SPONSOR" section, check the "Other" box and enter "EDIR/Authserv/LDAP"
      • Enter an expiration date in the "Sponsor Specified Expiration Date." Leaving the field blank will default to 12 months
      • Provide your UA ID number, work phone number, signature and date under Sponsoring Faculty
      • Email the form to for final routing
  • Class Projects

    Instructors can request a project for their classes. You will need to fill out the project account application form, the user account application form if you do not have an account, and provide a list of students and their UA usernames to be added to the class project. No long-term storage ($ARCHIVE) is provided for class projects, and student data stored in the high performant online spinning disk ($CENTER1) will be deleted one week(?) after the semester is over.

    For classes that are taught every year the Principal Investigator's data and any class specific data will stay on the system.